In an Eggy Situation


I went out to my boat on the weekend and found that a seagull was swooping at my head. I said to my dad, “Oh I bet there is a nest on the boat.” For some reason he took me seriously and looked onto the boat. And what do ya know. There was a nest! It had one egg in it. Dad was so disappointed that he didn’t get to go sailing. He’s worried because we may not be able to go sailing until the egg hatches and fly’s off. I told him that I wouldn’t accept killing the egg so I’ve decided that the only way was to raise it myself. I don’t know if it’s illegal or not so could you guys please help me do some research

Pictures to come!

New Pet!


My mum said that if I do all my chores and look after my dog fully for three months then I can get a turtle. My uncle, who lives in Canada has 9 turtles, 1 dog, 2 cats and a million fish. I found this really good website that tells you all about how tho care for them and even sells them.

Here’s a link to their website.

My mum also said that if I get a turtle that I have to pay for it with my own money. So I’m trying to think of ways to earn some money. Does anybody have any ideas.

Here’s some photos of some turtles.

I got these photos from the same website I got my info from. The link is near the top.

Time to get fancy


First of all I would like to say sorry for not writing in a long time.

So on the weekend I went to my cousins 13th Birthday party. For anybody who knows me will know that I don’t usually wear dresses, but this was a special occasion. I was going to go in a………….. wait for it, wait for it


It was white and had champagne glasses in it. Don’t worry we only had solo and pepsi. We played our music as loud as it would go and whenever we passed a group of people they would drop everything and stare at us. We took a tonne of pictures. We even went to luna park. But sadly we didn’t do on the rides. When we got home we slipped into our P.J’s and hopped into bed. my aunty let us watched a couple of movies. Firstly we watched Footlose. It was wonderful.  Then we watched a movie called New Years Eave. It was spectacular. Finally we watched Greese. It was. alright. We stayed up till 3:30 in the morning talking and watching movies.

That was one of the best parties I’ve ever bin to.

See you later. 

Recipe Disaster

Hey cookers\bloggers.

Just a while ago I had a recipe disaster (thus the name recipe disaster). Some friends were coming over for dinner and I was in charge of dessert, I had no idea what to make because all of my recipe’s would take to long. Mum then suggested the quick and easy pineapple cake. All you need to do is …


2 cups of self-raising flour

1 cup of caster sugar

450g of crushed pineapple


Combine cake ingredients and mix well

Pour mixture into a cake tin and bake at 183 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes

Allow to completely cool be fore putting on icing of your choice.

Now that I’ve shown you this recipe would you please send me one so I know what to cook the next time we have guests over.

  A very random picture. Will be putting one with every one of my posts.









My fish

Hey, bubble, bloggers, bubble.

This is my fish finger.

His face got a little cut of but as you can see he’s practically a gold fish. But!!! He is NOT A goldfish. He is THE! Goldfish!!


I have a little bowl for him with some rocks. Sadly we thought that if we got some rocks from the 2 dollar store that it would be cheaper than buying it from the fish store but when we put it in the water we found out that the dye on the rocks comes of and leaks into the water.So then we swapped those rocks for some rocks in our rock collection. After a week Finger died :(. But then I got 2 new fish. There breed is black mores. They are really cute because they have big googly eyes. I named them Face and Leroy. I named Leroy after someone in fame.

  It’s really cute how they have those big googly eyes. They are very lazy. They just sit at the bottom of the bowl and do nothing. But they are still cute.




From your bubbling friend, Alex!

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On Monday and Tuesday I went to a place called Bathurst. Bathurst is a town just over the blue mountains. Going to Bathurst was a school excursion. on the way we say the three sisters.


We also went to see the jenolan caves.


It took us a whole day to get to Bathurst and when we finally got there we got to find out who we were sharing a room with. Luckily enough I got the room with three of my best friends from school. We had one hour to get settled in and talk. It was funny, because when we got back from dinner there was a moth in our room and everyone screamed except for me. I tried to get the bug out but it went under the door and made it outside. After all of that commotion was over we got to go out to the camp fire and do some bush dancing and singing. When it was time for bed we didn’t really go to sleep until we were pretty tired from laughing and giggling.

When the alarm went of for 6:OO we got up and started getting ready for the big day ahead. Firstly our guides took us to a little hut and told us a story about life on the goldfields. Then they took us to a field and we made damper, mud-bricks and played games like tug-of-war. After that we went to the ponds to go panning for gold. When we were panning I only found to small flakes of gold. When that was over we went to have lunch. For lunch we had sausage roll, popper, biscuits and a chocolate. When we had finished lunch we went on a tour all over the goldfields. We went to see the museum and how the chinese lived.

But sadly our trip had to come to an end. But just before we left we got to buy some things from the gift shop. My mum made me get something for my brother so I got him a little tube of gold I got myself a packet of gem stones.

Well that’s all I did on my trip to bathurst.


Student blogging contest

Hey bloggers.

Today I signed up for the student blogging contest. The student blogging contest is when You sign up and you are assigned a teacher that will visit your blog regularly and leave a comment. The comment could be on what they like about the post or your blog or on useful tips that you could use. If you are a blogger then you should really sign up for this. I think it would be really fun to have people giving you tips. I hope you sign up. If  you do please tell me in a comment.

Bye bloggers.

P.S. If you are visiting and leaving a comment and you have a blog please put the URL of your blog into the comment so that I can visit your blog and add you to my blog roll.


And The Winner Is

Hey singers.

Well we found out the winner to our competition. In case you’ve forgot what we had the comp for it was to find out who was the most popular singer. The winner was J.B [what a surprise]. Any ways, I asked one of my friends [who is a major J.B fan] what her favourite song from J.B was. She said that up was her favourite song from him. When I got home I searched you-tube  for the video of up. Later I found out that  there was no music video for it. So then I chose never say never because it has Jaden Smith in it. I also chose never be clever for the people who hate J.B and go on you-tube just to watch a parody of one of his songs. So here they are.


feetToday I got a pedicure. I had nail polish on before so they had to take that off. When I put my feet into that water bow thing it was really hot but after a while you get used to it. I was in one of those massaging chairs but I didn’t know it until the person who was doing my toenails fixed the chair because I was too short to reach the bowl and relax my back into the water at the same time, but while she was doing that she also turned the massaging chair on. It felt so weird. Once I took my feet out of the water and she started putting this green stuff half way up my legs it was a bit rough but after she put the green stuff on my legs were so smooth. I choose the pedicure because at our school we’re not allowed nail polish. I  choose the most ridiculous nail polish ever. It was sort of a hot pink slash purple kind of color.

Well that’s all for now bloggers.

P.S don’t forget to tell me your favorite singer Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are tying at 3 points each. Good luck.

Happy Bithday To Me

Hey bloggers.

It’s my b’day today. I’m turning 11. I got tonnes of presents. And they are: a book, clothes, boogle, make your own snow dome, a funky light, going to go see Mary Poppins and going to tree tops adventure park. Still more to come tonight. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! When I went to band this morning I told my friend in the other class that it was my b’day. So when we got in she just rendomly shouts out. “Hey everyone it’s Alex’s birthday today”. After that everyone starts sining happy birthday to me. I go cherry red, and of couse I get sung happy birthday in class. I brang in rice crispy squares [they are my mom’s secret recepie]. I almost got crushed by my friends because they liked them so much.

Happy blogging.